Thursday, November 6, 2008

Discovering New Trails

This afternoon I got the opportunity to run a trail that I've never run before and it's right outside my front door. It's a new extension of an existing trail that goes by our house. My car spent the day at the mechanic so I decided to run to town to pick it up. Yuba and I hopped on the new trail which turned out to be some great rolling, twisting, turning singletrack built by local mountain bikers that also included some great views of Nevada City.

The day was perfect, sunny and mid-50's, beautiful fall weather. Yuba trotted ahead checking out all the new smells while I slowly followed, watching my step. I've started running again, easing into it and things are going well. My shin doesn't hurt and as long as I stretch religiously, my calves are doing ok. I'm trying not to get my hopes up and I'm also trying to keep it slow and easy. I'm excited about being healthy and injury free next year so I'm really trying to be cautious now.

It sure is hard not to be out running all of our wonderful trails in the nice fall weather. This has got to be the best time of year to run. So instead I'm concentrating on getting our winter wood supply in. Since Pat's accident, he's had limited use of his right shoulder and really has to be careful with it. He's been doing physical therapy with some success but he's still about a month out from going back to work. If he wasn't a firefighter he could probably go back earlier.

So that means the brunt of the work of getting the oak and pine cut and split falls to me. Now I'm no stranger to a chainsaw and I'm not afraid of hard work so it's no big deal. And Pat helps as much as he can. But today, watching his wife cut a pine tree into rounds and loading them into the truck certainly had to bruise his manhood :) I guess he'll just have to owe me.

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Darrell said...

very good news to hear that your legs are holding up to the miles. Slow and steady.