Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Am A Runner

Yep, it's official. After easing back into some easy running (12 miles 2 weeks ago, 13 miles last week and 15 planned for this week), I saw my doctor and he's pleased with my progress. There is no more pin-point tenderness around the shin and his flexibility/strength tests resulted in no pain. He's even given me the go ahead to increase my mileage on the TREADMILL but only wants me doing 1 trail run a week and nothing on the pavement. He wants to keep me on a flat, smooth surface for as long as possible.

It's been great running virtually pain free. There is still occasional achiness in the shin site but I would only rate it a 2/10 scale and wouldn't even really call it pain. So physically it isn't an issue but mentally it sure throws me for a loop. Every time it aches I'm convinced I'm going to be side-lined again. The doctor says that's normal and it's just part of the healing process.

So I'm a runner again. It will probably be after the New Year before I do anything but easy miles but at least I'm back on the running wagon. And now is the time to re-build my base anyway. My runs 2 weeks ago made it obvious my cardio was in the toilet. But it's already getting better and my times are getting faster (not that I'm trying to get faster but I can't get much slower :) Looking forward to 2009!


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Darrell said...

This is great news, congratulations. I can relate to being anxious over over twinge of pain in the shin. Stay on the slow and steady train.

Vic said...

Glad to hear you're doing better!!! Time to plan the Iron Man yet?

√Čber! said...

hi!I am Brazilian ultrarunner and I came here gives a look at your blog.
congratulations for their races and the beautiful blog.