Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Run Through The Daffodils

The best laid plans are always subject to change and this week is a perfect example. I was scheduled to race the Escape From Prison Hill Half Marathon in Carson City this Saturday which I raced a couple years ago and it's a really fun run. However, I have to have surgery on Friday that will put me out of commission (running) for a couple weeks so that race is out.
I wanted to get at least one more race in before surgery so I took the morning off work last Sunday and headed to Penn Valley for the Daffodil Run 5K. Last year I ran this the day after doing the American River 50M and I finished in about 25:35. Considering that this year there were a couple weeks between the races, I definitely wanted to run faster.

The kids started us off quickly but you had to watch out because they have a tendency to sprint for a little bit then stop suddenly in your path. They haven't learned the fine art of pacing yet.

It was a beautiful morning and quickly heating up even by the 8:45am start. I started quickly but in control, it's been a long time since I've raced a 5K and I didn't want to burn myself out in the first mile. Chris B was calling 1 mile split times and I hit it in 7:33, not bad. Everytime I felt myself slowing I just concentrated on a quicker turnover and it worked, the legs felt strong. I watched the runners pass through the turn-around point and I realized I was 3rd female. Cool. Wasn't expecting that.
I managed to stay about 30 yards behind the second female but just couldn't close the gap. As we got closer to the finish I tried to pick up my speed but so did she. I gave it everything but finished just 3 seconds behind her.
So in my first 5K race since last year I managed to finish in 23:37, 3rd female over all and 1st in my age group. I'm pretty happy.
There won't be any running for a couple weeks but it's still early in the season and I know I'll have enough time to rebuild and get myself in top shape for Leadville. Maybe the break will do my body some good, get rid of some of those aches and pains. Until's a few shots from a wonderful morning spent with my family and about 500 other runners.

Larry Defeter finishing strong for second overall.

Me enjoying the finishing kick. At least it looks like I'm enjoying it. And yes, I did pass that kid before the finish :)

Pat and Caitlyn

Enjoying some post-race grub with my girls.

As a special treat at the race, we had Norm and Helen Klein speaking and handing out awards. They even ran the race and looked great doing it. Helen is officially retired but I guess you can't take the runner out of the girl........

During the award ceremony, Norm introduced Darryl Beardall from Dipsea fame. In 1985 Bruce Dern played Darryl in the movie On The Edge about the famous Dipsea race. It was quite a treat having those 3 present at our little country race. Ain't running great?

Darryl Beardall being introduced by Norm Klein. Helen was helping to hand out awards

Thank you to all the many volunteers that came out to help put on this very fun race. It's the first race in the Gold Country Grand Prix series. The next race is Saturday in Nevada City. Maybe I can be a spectator.

Results for Daffodil can be found here.

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Gretchen said...

Great job Catherine! That's some major improvement over last year, congrats!