Wednesday, December 3, 2008

On The Hunt

This is a little late but I wanted to show off some pictures from our 5th Annual Great Christmas Tree Hunt. Since Caitlyn was born in 2004 we've made it a point to go out after Thanksgiving as a family and hunt down the perfect Christmas tree.

Doing it right after Thanksgiving has its perks. We each make up our ideal turkey sandwich, fill a thermos each of hot chocolate and spiced apple cider and throw in a few treats. The adults even have these funny looking flasks filled with something not appropriate for children. But you could probably start a fire with it if we got lost in the woods.

When you gotta go, you gotta go

After making a little pitstop for the little one going through potty training, we headed to our familiar spot near Gold Lakes off Hwy 49. In the past we've had every type of weather from the perfect post-snowstorm but blue sky day, to rain, to sun. This year proved to be perfect weather-wise but it was a little disappointing not finding any snow on the ground. It's been an exceptionally dry fall.

Our first stop was Mills Peak Lookout. We'd never been there before and it was a great spot to stretch our legs. The views were great, including the Sierra Valley, Loyalton, Sierraville, and the Sierra Buttes.

Sierra Buttes

Braving the chilly wind, camera-shy Caitlyn

Sara bundled up

Of course, someone had to take advantage of the potty with a view.

Mom, you didn't really think I'd leave this picture out did you?

After heading back to the tree cutting area and parking the truck we all split up looking for the perfect tree. This is a process that can't be rushed. We like this area because it has white firs which are tall but thin, perfect for our living room.

Pat and Sara

Caitlyn and I find a little snow but not the perfect tree

We searched and searched without any luck and headed back to the truck. My mom made the suggestion to try one other place before driving on so we did. And that proved to be the trick. Pat found the perfect tree and we set to work cutting it down.

I started the cutting but realized I would need more help so Pat jumped in. My mom spoke up and said she wanted to try. After innocent 4 year old Caitlyn said "Nana, you can't do it", my mom's resolve stiffened. She attacked that saw like never before and made a serious dent in the wood.

Watching Nana as she wields the saw

Caitlyn helping her Nana

My dad took his turn and the tree finally gave up its valiant fight.

Caitlyn helps her Papa with the big push

Every year the forest service issues permits to cut down trees. They have rules about which trees can be cut down and it's all with the thought of thinning the forest, making it healthy, and more resistant to catastrophic fires.

Caitlyn and Sara enjoying their lunch of sandwiches and hot chocolate

After wrestling the tree back to the truck we all enjoyed our turkey sandwiches, hot beverages (some with a little extra added) and treats. It had been another successful tree hunt. I realize now I don't have any pictures of us decorating the tree so I'll have to add those to a later post.

Happy Holidays.


Anonymous said...

What fun it must be to have such a family tradition! You all look like you are having such fun.

Robert Fuller said...

Great photos. You have a gift.

Anonymous said...

Loved our story of another perfect Christmas Tree hunt.
Cute picture of your Mom Catherine.
She is a real trooper.!!!! Love you. Mom.