Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cross Training

I haven't had much opportunity lately to write about running because I haven't done much. I was able to see another doctor who did confirm the stress fracture in my left shin. But at least now I'm willing to do whatever I have to do to get better. He gave me some good stretching exercises to do and actually said I could run a couple miles occasionally on the treadmill if it felt ok.

Last week I ran a couple miles on the treadmill and it felt ok. It was more of a run/walk, walk 5 min, run 2 min. What's interesting is how my attitude has changed. I'm finding that I'm hesitant to try running again because if my leg starts to hurt I know I'll just get depressed. I'd rather just wait and let it heal and try running again in a while. But then part of me wants to run tomorrow.

So that leaves cross-training. I've been doing a lot of Bikram Yoga and loving it. Also swimming where I've been doing drills to try and get faster in the pool. Just before Pat had his little accident we went to Morro Bay for my mom's birthday and we took the mountain bikes. My dad gave us a tour of the wonderful trails around Cerro Cabrillo between Morro Bay and Los Osos.

Dad and I climbing

The singletrack is so much fun with some short but intense climbs and lots of great rollers. It's a small area and it wouldn't take more than a week to find all the trails but you can mix them up and keep it fresh.

Pat had to head home early so it was just my dad and I who headed out to Montana de Oro early one morning. For anyone who has done the trail races with Pacific Coast Trail Runs in that area would recognize the trails we rode. We headed out Islay Creek Rd for a nice warm up then hike-a-biked up Barranca Trail.

My Dad and I at the top of Barranca Trail

Descending East Boundary Trail

The fun really started as we headed down East Boundary and Ridge Trails. Eventually we climbed up near Hazard Peak for some gorgeous views of Morro Rock and the surrounding hills.

Morro Rock and Bay in the background

Fun Ridge Trail fans out behind my dad

Just this summer the CCCMB opened a new trail to descend down from Hazard Peak that involves more rollers and less steep hills so it improves run-off. It still needs a little work but is a real joy to ride. The CCCMB is incredible with their trail work and anyone who rides in the area should be very thankful to them.

I'm sorry Pat couldn't be there for the beautiful views since when we did the trail race over Labor Day it was completely foggy. And to everyone who offered such supportive comments since his fall, I can let you know that he's definitely getting better. The shoulder is still problematic but he's in physical therapy for that and it should be fine. Thank you everyone.

My mom showing off her trike

The girls have been getting older and Caitlyn is now riding her bike. So we all take off on our bikes and my mom finally got tired of getting left behind. Enter, the trike. She's thrilled because she can now go everywhere her granddaughters go.

Exploring the beach boardwalk with Caitlyn

Pat and Sara enjoying some trike time

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