Sunday, June 29, 2008

Running Again?

First off, I just have to say how sorry I am to all of you who were suppose to run Western States 100 this weekend. But from what I've been reading in blogs, it looks like people are accepting the things you can't change and moving forward, looking for that next challenge. Ultrarunners are an amazing group of people.

Some of you may have noticed from my daily workouts on the right side of this blog that I did some running over the weekend. While in San Francisco for Pat's Sharkfest swim from Alcatraz, I decided to test the leg. Did an easy 4 miler along the Embarcadero Thursday afternoon and it felt great. No pain. So naturally I got up early Friday morning to enjoy another run along the Embarcadero. This time I headed towards the Golden Gate Bridge and reached Crissy Field at the 4 mile mark. I wanted to run to the bridge but that would add another 1/2 mile and I still had the return trip to do. That would be close to 9 miles total and is way too much to do this soon. But it was so beautiful and I just didn't want to stop. I love running in SF in the morning. But common sense prevailed and I turned around. After hitting the 8 mile mark my leg was bothering me so I decided to walk the last mile to the hotel.

Saturday was Pat's swim and then we headed home. My leg was bothering me a bit so I was happy to rest it. This morning I headed out for an easy 3 miler along a water canal so the dog could get some exercise too and was disappointed that the leg pain was back. I guess I'm not surprised. I did over-do it a bit. So I iced it real good and I'll rest it. I see my orthopedic specialist on Tuesday to review the results of the tests taken the last couple weeks.

Sorry I can't post pictures but our computer died and I'm on my husband's computer at work. Hopefully we can salvage the computer. We'll know more tomorrow. We have been in the market for a new laptop tho..........

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