Sunday, December 23, 2007

Holiday Week

It's tough to stick to a training schedule during the holidays, especially with family in town. I did my best this week but didn't get the mileage I was shooting for. And that's ok. My 15 mile run today was downgraded to 12 then turned into 6.75 and some quality family time. I headed out earlier than my husband and ran the NID ditch, he was going to leave the girls with my folks and then meet me at one end of the ditch and we would run it together, the second time for me. But as I was finishing my first lap of the ditch, my husband and daughter came running towards me. Turns out Caitlyn wanted to go for a run with her mommy and daddy. So I got my 6.75 miles in but the real quality was the next .75 miles spent sprinting then resting, throwing rocks into the water for the dog, and generally exploring with my hubby and daughter. A perfect afternoon.

Couldn't quite stay awake for Santa

Tonight is Christmas Eve for us since Pat has to work at the fire station on the real Christmas Day. Caitlyn is old enough now to understand about Santa and putting cookies and milk out for him and carrots for the reindeer. Unfortunately, all that running around just did her in. She was asleep in Pat's arms by 5:30pm. As I was tucking her into bed, her eyes opened sleepily and I told her we'd put out the cookies and milk for her, her eyes closed and she drifted off to dream land.

Cookies anyone?

So I better sign off so Santa can come by and drop off the presents meant for my sweet girls. Here's hoping all of you out there are having a wonderful holiday week.

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Peter Lubbers said...

Hi Catherine,
I hope Santa brought lots of nice gifs for the girls. Merry Christmas!
Did you run the Jingle Jog? I stayed home to enjoy the Christmas morning with the family.