Wednesday, May 22, 2013

March: In like a Lion (Part 1)

I'm still attempting to get my blog updated from earlier this year.  It really only matters to me for when I look back on this whole Leadman experience.

I hit the ground running in March.  I had 3 solid months of training with Lucho under my belt and Way Too Cool 50K firmly in my sights.  I felt healthy, strong, and I had Lucho's permission to "race this".  In 2009 when I was training for the Leadville 100 run I ran this race in just under 6 1/2 hours.  This year I wanted to break 6 hours.

I lined up on a beautiful morning with lots of really fast runners around me.  It's definitely the early season track meet for ultrarunners.  We headed out for the opening 8 mile loop on trails that I've never been on.  It was a really cool picture with a line of runners weaving along smooth singletrack surrounded by green grass and blooming trees.  I completed the loop in 1:18 and then headed out on more familiar trails.

I changed some things with my nutrition for this race to see how it worked.  I usually do water and S-caps, GU's and aid station food.  I also don't start eating until 1-1.5 hours into the race.  This time I used HEED in my handheld for the first 8 mile loop.  On my way down to Quarry Rd I found I felt really bloated and uncomfortable.  Too much fluid, too many calories, too early.  For the next hour on Quarry Rd I settled into a little easier effort and didn't eat or drink anything.  By the time I started the climb up to ALT I was feeling better.  I stuck to water and GU's for the rest of the race and it worked great.

I had been looking forward to the section from ALT to the finish.  This was a section I had trained on numerous times during the winter.  I knew exactly what my splits should be to Browns Bar, Hwy 49, and Cool and I set out to beat them.  I had paced myself well early on so I was ready to rock it.  I passed a lot of people and ran strong, feeling great.  When I got to Hwy 49 crossing, it was manned by a lot of my friends who cheered wildly as I came through.  I felt like a celebrity!  Lots of high 5's and I didn't even stop as I started up the final climb to the finish.  Here is a great write up and some pictures from my friend Gretchen.  There was a chance I could break 5.5 hours if I kept going strong.  I finally rounded the final corner where I saw my family, Caitlyn jumped up to run across the finish line with me in 5:24:21. 

Caitlyn waiting to run with me to the finish

Two of my biggest fans

So I had the race of my life, took an hour off my 2009 time, and felt great.  Even visited Monsters of Massage for a little rub down post race, a treat I had never indulged in before because I was usually too sore to have anyone touch my legs.  Hard to believe that in only 4 days I would find myself hospitalized.

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Kiki said...

Awesome job! the hospitalized part scared me but I know you were out riding over 100 miles recently so I know you are now okay.