Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Seems weird to be writing about February in April but I do want to keep a record of my quest for Leadwoman.  I don't know why it's so hard to keep up with blogging but it is.  I keep telling myself I'll do better but I don't.  Guess I'll do what I can.

February saw a heavy focus on the bike volume.  Coincidentally, my bike racing team happens to hold an annual training camp in Buellton, CA over President's weekend.  Circumstances with my family had me in the Morro Bay area that weekend which is only about an hour north of Buellton so I was able to spend some long days on the bike with some fun teammates.

Perfect weather greeted us each day as we averaged 60-80 miles and 4500-5000 feet of climbing on quiet country roads.  I found myself working hard to stay with the main group and show that my training was paying off.  I still got dropped on the climbs but I was stronger than ever on the flats and rollers, finding myself as the only female hanging with the Big Boys.  But I paid a price for it and a major focus turned to recovery after each ride. Over the 5 day period I rode 236 miles with 16,000 feet of climbing and ran 25 miles with 2600 feet vertical.  A solid block of training.

The rest of the month saw a focus on MAF effort runs and bike rides. Just time in the saddle and on my feet.  I also tried to really push the vertical.  I also took advantage of some long local runs to explore some new trails right in my own backyard.

Some final numbers for February are:

Run: 137 miles, 17,500 ft.
Bike: 326 miles, 29,100 ft.

My work schedule as a firefighter has me spending more time on the bike trainer and treadmill than I'd like.  I work 48 hours straight then I have 4 days off.  I also have an hour and half commute which can eat into training time.  I make the most of it but sometimes that means the bike trainer and treadmill come into play at work in order to keep up consistency.  But my coach uses those days for shorter, more intense workouts and leaves the longer, more vertical workouts for my days off.  They are also good for recovery rides/runs.

In February I also spent 7:30 on the bike trainer.

Today is the day after the Boston marathon bombings.  What a horrible tragedy.  But within tragedy comes heroism.  As someone in the business of rescuing people, I find it comforting to hear all the positive words being said about the Boston EMS, firefighters, and law enforcement.  Thank God for so much selfless compassion by so many.  United we run.


Unknown said...

Seems as if the evil actions of some people bring out the selfless actions of others.

Kiki said...

sounds like you are getting the work done. Can't believe how fast the time is approaching. Before we know if we'll be on the start line of the marathon!