Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Back in the saddle, and on the trail

After taking some time off from blogging, I've finally got a goal worth writing about.  I've revamped my blog and the astute observer may detect what my 2013 goal is.  For the less astute, I won't give it away until Nov 5, the day registration opens.

I may have dropped off the blogging world but I didn't stop running.  Just cut back on the ultras.  After working so hard in 2009 for Leadville and coming up short (and injured), I needed to take some time off.  2010 saw my family with quite a few medical issues and I think I spent more money to NOT run in lost registration fees then I actually ran.  2011 I found myself running a lot of local 5K's and actually finishing 3rd overall in our Grand Prix Race Series.  I was enjoying the shorter races, less training time, and more time spent with my family.  I'm finding as my girls have reached 8 & 6 years old, it's harder spending time away from them.  I am still their life and they want to spend time with me and vice versa.  They are just really amazing right now.

This summer included an absolutely amazing 2 week trip to France with my family.  My folks rented a house in the Loire Valley for a month and invited us to join them.  An offer we certainly couldn't refuse.  After that trip, we drove up to Montana for another family vacation.  Lots of fun adventures.

However, recently I've noticed I've been really jealous of my friends running ultras and I'm longing to do it again.  I've been picking up the volume lately and getting some nice fall racing in.  A local sprint triathlon and Tough Mudder (Northstar) in Sept, and just this last weekend a local 5K Sat and the 4 Bridges Half Marathon on Sunday.  Also been riding my bike so it's been quite the mix of activities.  And to get ready for Leadville, I got a new 29er Specialized Epic mtn bike.  Sweet!! 

How I spent my summer (and fall):

Bay to Breakers

Joan of Arc
Enjoying streetside cafe in France
Beaches of Normandy
French desserts, decisions, decisions
Enjoying life in Bourgueil, France

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Kiki said...

I too am tackling this beast! Excited to see other women taking it on.