Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Running Update

Hey folks. Some of you may have noticed on the right side of my blog under the race schedule, I've changed Rucky Chucky 50k to volunteer. I've had a couple visits with my physical therapist and there's definite progress but not enough to suggest that I'm well enough to run a very hilly trail 50k. I'm ok with it. If I volunteer at RC then it's an extra week of healing and increases my chances of doing the American River 50m on April 5.

I've never volunteered at a race before and I'm really looking forward to it. My schedule is so hectic and bizarre that if I have a day off to do a race I definitely want to run it. It looks like there are going to be some great runners there and I'm looking forward to seeing them longer than just a quick hello at the start (I never see them at the finish because they're long gone by the time I get done :) RD Robert Mathis was kind enough to fit me in so I'll be helping with check-in and timing at the start/finish.

On the running front, I did an easy 1/2 mi on Sunday on the treadmill after I did a hilly, fast walk and it was quite painful. The pain is pretty much gone when I walk, climb/descend stairs, or cross-train but the pain during that short run was very discouraging. However, I was feeling good today so I tried running again and it felt really good. I did an easy 6 miles with a few walk breaks and the final 2 miles were pain-free. There were actually times I found myself not even thinking about my leg! So maybe this is the beginning of getting back into the running saddle. Now the key is to take it easy and not come back too fast and re-injure myself. Easier said than done.

So I'm keeping AR50 on my race schedule. It has a 13 hour time limit and I'll probably need all of it. But that's ok. The jacket will be worth it!


Sarah said...

You know you're on your way to true healing when you have those "forget-about-your-injury" moments. So that's great news! Wise decision, I think, to volunteer at RC. Have fun!

Peter Lubbers said...

Hi Catherine,
Sounds like a smart move. Thanks for volunteering -- I'll see you there!