Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Long Week

Today is Thursday and I'm on Day 4 of 5 days straight spent at work and when you work 24 hours a day, that makes for a long week. My family left for the Central Coast on Monday and I headed to work. Pat and the girls are going to watch the Tour of California bike race, my parents live just off Hwy 1 and the race passes right by on their way to San Luis Obispo. My work schedule at the firehouse is Monday-Wednesday-Friday this week and time off is in short supply, therefore, I get to stay in town.

With nobody at home I figured I might as well try to pick up some over-time shifts on Tuesday and Thursday, hence, I left home Monday morning and won't see it again until Saturday morning. That makes training a challenge, especially when you're injured and trying to cross train. There aren't many choices at the firehouse: treadmill, stairmaster, or weights. Occasionally we can get out to a gym and do the elliptical. I must say I was looking forward to a nice long hilly bike ride this week but it's not to be. Pat works Sat-Sun so I will have the girls and the weather doesn't look good for taking them out with the bike trailer.

Since my options are limited I've found myself climbing back onto the treadmill and doing some running. My legs are doing ok, sometimes they hurt more than others but they're not getting any worse but the pain is not gone. I'm trying to not over-do it and injure myself more but it just feels so nice to run. I'm amazed how much I miss it.

Well, I guess that's enough whining for one post. I'm just missing my family and wish I could be with them. Our friend Dan was able to get some VIP passes for the team dinner in San Luis Obispo tonight after the stage and I'm jealous I don't get to go. Pat said he'll take lots of pictures. Maybe he'll even get to meet the great Mario Cipollini!

Feeling like a mouse in a maze.....................


Sarah said...

Hang in there! : )

Vic said...

It's never easy missing out on that. Just keep in mind all the fun stuff you having coming in the near future! I'm sure your family isn't enjoying the festivities as much as they would with you there. Hang in there!

Catherine said...

Sarah and Vic, thanks for the nice words. It's great to be back home with the girls and the dog. Unfortunately, Pat works this weekend but our family will be complete Monday. At least we're all in the same town now.