Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Beating Winter

Emigrant trail

My first attempt at a blog. Who would have thought I'd ever do this. It's more for my family to keep up on what I'm doing and a way to share this wonderful new world of ultrarunning. I've read so many neat blogs out there that I thought it might be fun to try my own.

On the trail to Stampede

Had a wonderful long run yesterday with my dog Yuba. Wanted to get another run in in the high country before this latest storm moved through. Good timing. We started about 9am at Donner camp just north of Truckee and ran 11 miles to Stampede Reservoir and back for a total of 22 miles. This has to be one of the nicest trails in the area. Miles of runnable terrain but with just enough ups and downs to work all the muscles. I was worried about taking my dog for this distance (10 miles has been the longest in the past) but I needn't worry. He is a great runner, stayed right with me, always nice to other people/dogs on the trail. And he seems to be feeling better this morning than I am. :) I will try to post some pictures to this site as well, I'm a beginner with this blog stuff so will figure it out as I go.

Stampede Reservoir (sorry about it being crooked)

The day was beautiful but a bit windy, indicative of the approaching cold front. The colors were beautiful. I had a hip pack with 2 bottles plus I carried 2 hand bottles, 1 full of water for Yuba. This time of year the only reliable source of water on the trail is Prosser Creek and Stampede Reservoir (at each end of the run). 5 miles in I left my full hand bottles (I would pick them up on the return) and shed my long sleeve shirt, the day was warming up after starting out at 36 degrees. Made it to Stampede before noon where Yuba played in the water and got his second wind. He's quite the water dog. I felt surprisingly good at the halfway point. After a few minutes to let him play we started back. At the 15 mile mark I picked up my hand bottles (I had consumed both my pack bottles) and gave Yuba some more water. I carried a small canvas foldable dog bowl to put the water in and it folded up small enough to fit in the little pouch on the hand bottle. Pretty cool. On the way out I had taken off my shoes and socks to cross Prosser creek because I didn't want to run in wet shoes and socks for the next 20 miles. On the return trip, we headed out to Hwy 89 and crossed on the bridge. It's longer but I knew it would give me the extra distance I needed to make 22 miles.

Prosser Creek

End of the trail

Arrived back at the truck about 2:00, 4 hours run time. Legs tired but felt pretty good. I had brought the makings for a new after-run snack (I usually do chocolate milk). Bread with Nutella spread, honey and banana. Delicious. Then it was home for the half dreaded/half anticipated ice bath (and some chocolate milk). And quick as that, it was time to pick up the girls from daycare. Amazing how quickly the day goes by when you spend most of it running. But what a glorious way to spend the day.

Yuba, the wonder dog

As I drove over the summit to Reno this morning where I work, it was through a beautiful snowstorm. I know another storm is moving in Friday and I can only hope for the best for you runners who will be out there Sat for Lake of the Sky 50K. I had intended to run it but last minute changes to my husband's schedule changed that. Now the HK50 is on the calendar and hopefully under 11 hours to qualify me for WS100.

Wouldn't that be a hoot?!
Heading to Truckee, the next morning

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